Pharma14 Features

  • In the fast paced environment of global pharmaceutical data, having the ability to stay abreast with current information is a business requirement by any organization wanting to stay ahead of the curve. Not wanting to give up any advantage to the competition, having an up-to-date platform can mean the difference between success and failure.

  • Pharma14 is a leading global medicine database platform used by a wide spectrum of life science companies. Our monthly updated platform is used by governmental agencies, pharmaceutical companies, consultants, CMO's, API manufacturers, wholesalers and pharmacy retail chains. Pharma14's robust and accurate medicine data, as well as its industry leading drug pricing and reimbursement information give its members the tools required to compete in today's market. Key pricing drivers such as generics, parallel trade, biosimillars, niche markets and more provide unique industry insight.
Current Monthly Updated Pharma14 Global Coverage.
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Pharma14 can help you.
  • Track and analyze pricing and reimbursement environments.
  • Find and create your optimal product launch pricing.
  • Track historical price movements.
  • Live track first generics entering the market and create your future strategy for loss of exclusivity.
  • Navigate dossier submission landscapes.
  • Enter price negotiations with full information.
  • Create and track your own IRP (International Reference Price) data.
  • Seek out niche markets and products.
  • Track consumption and sale trends.
A few of our highlights
  • 2,500,000 medicines (Rx and OTC) - full information about each drug.
  • Ex-factory, Wholesale and retail prices + reimbursed information.
  • Consumption data for reimbursed medicines.
  • Market opportunity locator.
  • First approval date and marketing authorizations for all molecules from USA, Europe and EU27
  • Standard monthly updates.
  • Excel downloads.
  • European Parallel import information.
  • Active ingredients, ATC levels, administration routes, strength, trade names, MA holder information, leaflets in PDF format and much more.
  • Real manufacturer information.


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