Ukraine medicine data and pricing added to Pharma14

Last year the Ukrainian market reached a value of about $3.3 billion, while there is a possibility this year the figure may exceed $4 billion or even more, which will be mainly due to the beginning of a second wave of the novel coronavirus pandemic in the country. 
In general, in recent years the annual growth rates of the Ukrainian market has been in the range of 15% to 17%. Due to the pandemic, the growth of the market may be equivalent to +30% this year, which may become a new record for the market. 
The current level of profitability of the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market reaches 30%, which makes it one of the more attractive markets for foreign investors, particularly those looking to establish their production facilities within the territory of the country
This year the pandemic has led to the further raise of investment attractiveness of the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market and resulted in its growth, both in volume and value terms. (1)
Pharma14 is glad to be adding the medicine and pricing data for Ukraine this month.
Sample data: Trastuzumab. June 2021 data
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