Track first generic medicine registrations with Pharma14's Market Opportunity Locator.

One of the most important needs of business development pharmaceutical managers is the ability to track the transition a medicine makes from its patented to its generic counterpart position.
As patent expiry dates differ from country to country, keeping track of many medicines across various markets becomes a very large undertaking that requires pharmaceutical companies to spend substantial resources of time and money.
The cycle of a medicine going generic has two parts:
First, the generic medicine obtains the Marketing Authorization and secondly is when the medicine is launched to the market.
Pharma14 has created a unique tool, that captures the information of both cycles at hand, for your business development team’s needs.
Our "Market Opportunity Locator" tracks all medicine registrations letting you detect where and when a patented drug has gone off patent and new competitor generic medicines have entered into the market.
Ambrisentan example.
Ambrisentan is a drug indicated for use in the treatment of pulmonary hypertension developed by GSK and Gilead.
Ambrisentan is commercialized by Gilead in the US as Letairis and by GSK outside the US as Volibris
Patent expiration for this medicine will become relevant in the coming years in many countries.
Pharma14’s “market opportunity locator” indicates that as of January 2019 the Canadian market is the single market where a generic version exists for this medicine.
The Apotex generic version APO-Ambrisentan is in Canada with registration date of April 2018.
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