Serbia medicine data and pricing added to Pharma14

Southeast Europe is the region with the highest growth in Europe. For companies that seek to start or expand their businesses in this region, Serbia is the place to be 
for a number of reasons. Serbia and Montenegro is the only country outside of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) that enjoys a Free Trade Agreement
with the Russian Federation, offering customs free access to its market of 150 million people! (1)
Serbia’s overall pharmaceutical market is relatively underdeveloped, seeing regular medicine shortages and somewhat long waiting times for patients. The total market for pharmaceutical products in Serbia was estimated at USD 1.110 billion in 2018, recording small growth compared to the 2017 level. Serbia's pharmaceutical 
market is dominated by prescription drug sales, which account for 89.70 percent of the total value of the market, primarily generic medicines, which in turn constitute 69.00 percent of prescription drug sales and 61.90 percent  of the total value of the market. Over-the-counter (OTC) medicines are the smallest segment of the market, accounting 
for 10.28 percent of total pharmaceutical sales. Patented drugs are also a considerable segment of the pharmaceutical market, worth some 27.78 percent of the market. (2)
Pharma14 is glad to be adding the medicine and pricing data for Serbia starting March 25th 2021.
Sample data: Herceptin. March 2021 sample data.
Serbia Herceptin
Sample data: Humira. March 2021 sample data.


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