Russia adds new medicines to its vital and essential medicine list and keeps prices virtually unchanged.

Pharma14 has been tracking the Russian pharmaceutical market closely and can confirm reports that the number of medicines in the nationally important VED list has increased.
The vital and essential medicine list in Russia includes those drugs that are price regulated and reimbursed, giving equal access.
The overall number of medicines in the vital and essential list has increased approximately by 500 over the last year. This would include various concentrations and pack sizes.
Lately the Russian government has added 35 new molecules to the VED list including Lapatinib and Elsulfavirine.
Furthermore the prices of medicines on the VED list will remain unchanged. 
On the manufacturing side, it is reported that 80% of all VED medicines are now manufactured locally.

Sample data: Lapatinib (Tayverb) and Elsulfavirine (Elpida).

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