New Zealand medicine and pricing information added to Pharm14

Pharma14 is pleased to announce the addition of New Zealand to our growing list of countries on our medicine data and pricing platform. 
The New Zealand pharmaceutical market is characterized by its extremely well regulated system of pharmaceutical coverage across the country, with lower patient co-payments than many other similar countries.
New Zealand does not use levied price controls to determine the countries drug princes. Instead, prices are determined by negotiation via the Pharmaceutical Management Agency of New Zealand.
To achieve favorable pricing for pharmaceutical stakeholders, the Pharmaceutical Management Agency of New Zealand. uses a variety of techniques including competitive tendering, sole supply contracts and reference pricing to encourage a successful pharmaceutical market. 
New Zealand is a well-established country to manufacture products in, making it very attractive to private companies and consumers alike, with around 55 companies in the country engaging in the production of both Finished Dosage Forms and API’s, with Adalimumab (1) being the top API used by cost by New Zealand citizens in 2019.
Currently, the market in New Zealand is valued at a figure of around $985 million USD, with a large proportion of that figure being comprised of Rx products. There are also over 900 pharmacies in New Zealand that dispense over 50 million prescriptions per year, revealing New Zealand to be a fantastic country for manufactures of prescription drugs and products to establish new facilities there. 
Pharma14 is a monthly updated platform that allows you to view and track registered medicines in over 66 countries including New Zealand in real time.
Our integrated advanced search module allows you to compare worldwide markets, including manufacturing information, pricing details, product names, active ingredients, MA holder data, reporting dates and much more.

Sample data: Adalimumab February 2022 data.

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