Medicine shortages module is live on Pharma14 platform

Drug shortage is a global issue affecting low, middle, and high-income countries. Many countries have developed various strategies to overcome the problem, while the problem is accelerating, affecting the whole world. All types of drugs, such as essential life-saving drugs, oncology medicines, antimicrobial drugs, analgesics, opioids, cardiovascular drugs, radiopharmaceutical, and parenteral products, are liable to the shortage. Among all pharmaceutical dosage forms, sterile injectable products have a higher risk of shortage than other forms. The causes of shortage are multifactorial, including supply issues, demand issues, and regulatory issues. Supply issues consist of manufacturing problems, unavailability of raw materials, logistic problems, and business problems. In contrast, demand issues include just-in-time inventory, higher demand for a product, seasonal demand, and unpredictable demand. For regulatory issues, one important factor is the lack of a unified definition of drug shortage. Drug shortage affects all stakeholders from economic, clinical, and humanistic aspects.  (1)
We are pleased to let you know that we have added our newest module that tracks the shortages of medicines.
This data set is a list of shortages as defined by each country.
The data tracks the product names, active ingredients, MA holder data, Reporting date, Estimated shortage starting date, expected renewal date and more. 
Sample data of Ranitidine shortages in Germany.
National medicine shortage tracker


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