Pharma14's medicine (FDF) manufacturer's database.

For many companies in the pharmaceutical chain knowing who is the manufacturer of a medicine has an important advantage with many practical uses including business development decisions.
Today's market unique database provider who carries such information is Pharma14.

A few of the advantages of having actual manufacturer information may include:

1. Find CMO's with specific hard to find manufacturing capabilities.
2. Use Pharma14 filtering tools to cross reference manufacturers with administration routes and dosage forms.
3. Cross reference manufacturers vs. MA holders or active ingredients.
4. Map out the connecting parent manufacturer with a specific medicine across multiple countries and regions.
5. Locate manufacturers for direct licensing agreements.
6. Help pharmaceutical companies, API producers and others to seek out partner FDF manufacturers.

Sample data: Spain Dutasteride manufacturers. 0.5 mg capsules.

Spain Dutasteride



14 Shenkar st.


Israel, 46725



Drug Price