Business tool #1: Locate medicines with the least possible competition.

Besides world class medicine data Pharma14 strives to give it member's cutting edge business tools.
In this fast paced and competitive landscape these tools will give Pharma14 members a clear advantage over their peers.
Pharma14's Market Opportunity Locator:
While looking for business opportunities or optimal product launch pricing it is vital to get a clear picture of the competition that may exist for a medicine in question.
Live tracking markets, Pharma14 members can view the number of competing MA holders that exist for each type of molecule in the 39 countries covered.
Furthermore our advanced features give members a picture of all registered MA's in question, whether they are marketed or not, current and historical pricing as well as reimbursement information. Niche markets and older niche products can be located with ease saving your team countless hours of research.
Sample data: Molecules with a single MA holder in Belgium market. 
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