Over 150,000 French Marketing Authorizations manufacturer's information updated on Pharma14

Pharma14 has updated Marketing Authorizations manufacturer information on over 150,000 medicines in the France database this month.
Being able to track the manufacturers of finished dosage forms is a great advantage for API producers, CMO's, In/Out license businesses and finished dosage form pharmaceutical companies.
Test Case:
Pharma14 was approached by a CMO specializing in the manufacturing of time released capsules who was looking to expand his business in France.
With Pharma14 advanced search features we isolated close to 3000 time released capsules technology products in France including product name, prices and MA holder data giving the client a huge potential customer pool in a few seconds.
Secondly we brought up the current manufacturers of these 3000 time release capsules showing the customer who is the potential competition at this point in time.
Sample data: Time release capsules in France including MA holder and manufacturers.
France medicine manufacturer data


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