Biosimilar medicine policy in Colombia

Many diseases have been combatted by the development and manufacturing of biological drugs. However, the cost to create such treatments is usually so great that the development and approval of similar biotherapeutic products is a lifeline in developing countries, where many patients are facilitated access to these drugs.
For instance, the Columbian Ministry of Health has issued guidelines that include all the similar biotherapeutic products and was established under the premise that the ability to compare studies on these drugs are the foundation of the development of these biosimilars.
The importance of tracking and comparing biosimilars in this way has rendered itself extremely significant in countries like Columbia, where guidelines for competing biological drugs are the cornerstone of a fair pharmaceutical market for consumers and stakeholders who want to manufacture similar biological drugs in different markets.
By being able to compare the different drugs, patients and stakeholders alike are certainly guaranteed to find the best drug alternative to suit their needs for a variety of prices, as guides like the one published by the Columbian government guarantee a high similarity in the quality, functionality level and physiochemical properties of each comparable drug.

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Sample data: Valsartan December Colombia data.

Colombia Valsartan prices


Sample data: Simponi / Golimumab December Colombia data.

Colombia Simponi and Golimumab



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