Bahrain medicine and pricing information added to Pharma14

Pharma14 is pleased to announce the addition of Bahrain to our list of countries on our growing medicine data and pricing platform.
The Bahraini pharmaceutical market is distinguished from its regional counterparts by its high level of imported pharmaceutical products, which provides incomparable opportunities for international business in the Middle East.
The Bahrain pharmaceutical industry is valued at a figure of over $260 million USD, and is the largest contributor to GDP in the region in comparison to its neighboring countries, and the country is also ranked in second place in
the region in terms of pharmaceutical sales per capita, revealing tantalizing investment opportunities for pharmaceutical companies.
Due to the dependency on imported products, domestic production of drugs only holds a small percentage of national supply, and market demand is usually facilitated through importation.
Whilst some investments have been made in the local manufacturing facilities, imports continue to supply the majority of the share. Importantly, support for domestic manufacturing is mainly through pricing and reimbursement
policies that often differentiate themselves from multinational manufacturers.
Another point of contention is that key drivers in the Bahraini pharmaceutical industry are volume-based, as the growing population gradually needs more sophisticated drugs for contemporary diseases.
Bahrain therefore has a long term reward potential for pharmaceutical stakeholders looking to establish a working relationship with importers there.
Pharma14 is a monthly updated platform that allows you to view and track registered medicines in over 66 countries including Bahrain in real time.
Our integrated advanced search module allows you to compare worldwide markets, including product names, active ingredients, manufacturing information, MA holder data, reporting date and much more.

Sample data: Trastuzumab January 2022 data.

Bahrain Trastuzumab


Sample data: Valsartan January 2022 data.

Bahrain Valsartan


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