Pharma14 - Advantages of our global ATC search.

There are quite a few ways to move through a medigcine database but one of the most powerful and useful is an accurate and updated ATC code search.
The Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical (ATC) Classification is an internationally accepted classification system for medicines based on therapeutic indication.
While doing due diligence pertaining to a certain molecule, one of the most important steps besides looking at competitors is the close examination of other molecules that may be competing for the same patients.

ATC search ability can give Institutional and HMO buyers an advantage while negotiating with suppliers as the full alternative medicine landscape will be available to them.

ATC 4 search is standard feature available to all members of the Pharma14 platform.

Sample data:
ATC4 level C08CA (Dihydropyridine Derivatives ) in UK:

ATC medicine search


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Israel, 46725



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