UK pharmaceutical reimbursement market

In 2020/21 UK government- financed healthcare expenditure stood at 213B GBP (256B$), a 15% increase since 2019/20 (177B GBP, 213B USD). Medicine spend by the NHS amounted to 8% Of the total government-financed healthcare expenditure, and stood at 17.1B GBP (20.5B$), a 5% increase from 16.8B GBP (20.2B$) in the year 2019/20. Medicine prescribed in primary care stood at 55% of medicine spend (9.4B GBP, 11.5B$), while the majority of the remaining expenditure (44.5%) were for medicines prescribed in hospitals (7.6B GBP, 9.2B$). 
In the UK, the institute in charge of financing healthcare is the NHS. The value of a drug in the UK is appraised by a separate body – NICE. NICE reviews the clinical and other data prepared by the manufacturer and decides whether the NHS should reimburse the drug. The price of a drug seeking to be marketed in the UK is determined by negotiations between the NHS and the manufacturer. 
The following graph portrays the types of drugs reimbursed, how much was spent on each sector, and whether the treatment was issued in hospitals or in primary care in the year 2020/21:

Pharma14 coverage of UK consumption is extensive, covering pharmacy and hospital products, including totals in units and total expenditure between the years 2018-2021.
Pharma14 coverage of UK consumption covering pharmacy and hospital products 2018-2021

Sample Pharma14 data: Pentasa (Mesalazine) 1G UK consumption 2018-2021

Pentasa (Mesalazine) 1G UK consumption 2018-2021


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