Italian public medicine tender market

Italian public medicine tender market
Italy's pharmaceutical market is one of the largest and most advanced markets in Europe and in the world. In 2021, Italy had ranked 3rd in size of pharmaceutical production in Europe, behind Switzerland and France, and had also ranked 3rd in sheer market value at ex-factory prices. Italy's pharmaceutical market is expected to grow at a CAGR rate of 3.9% between 2022-2027. Italy is also a leading country in research, hosting nearly 20% of all authorized clinical trials in the EU. Furthermore, Italy's Total health expenditure as a share of GDP stands at 9.9%, above the EU average of 8%.
the Italian procurement market showed a value exceeding 185 billion Euro during the year 2019, represented by 162,113 contracts. Of these contracts, nearly half were related to the healthcare sector, and about 33% were accounted for the procurement of medicines. However, procurement procedures are used only by hospitals and health-centers, in the procurement of the medicines used in their facilities. All health-related public procurements are subject to the rules laid out by the PPC- the Public Procurement Code, which implements and withholds the main EU directives and national agenda to the matter.

Pharma14 tracks the public tender results in Italy on a monthly basis.

Sample Data:
Inlyta (Axitinib) procurement pricing results in Italian public sector for September 2022.


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