Pharma14 brings its members all European parallel imported drug information.

The European parallel pharmaceutical trade started in the Netherlands in the 70's and is estimated to be worth approximately  € 6.5 billion (value at 2018 ex-factory prices) and between 2 - 3 % of total European medicine sales. The trade is an arbitrage between medicine prices in different countries which are negotiated between governments and the pharmaceutical industry.  The medicine is sold on the same conditions as the original manufacturer’s normal packaging. All imported pharmaceuticals have to be approved by the local medical authority - or the EMA.

Share of parallel imports in pharmacy market sales as a percentage of total per country 2018
Austria - 2%
Belgium - 2%
Denmark - 27%
Germany - 9%
Ireland - 6%
Netherlands - 9%
Poland - 2%
Sweden - 14%
U.K - 10%

Pharma14 data includes all European parallel imported drugs and relevant information such as prices and reimbursement status.

Sample data: Crestor (Rosuvastatin)  parallel importer in Germany. July 2020 data.

EU parallel imported medicines data


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